Enhancements to Matlab wordpress

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Enhancements to Matlab wordpress

Enhancements to Matlab wordpress

John Kitchin May 7, 2012

I modified some of my wordpress matlab code to make some enhancements in the publishing process. Mostly I wanted some markup to make the blog posts a little nicer. For example, a markup to indicate a command, or to make sure a file can be downloaded, and to make tooltips on text.


a better command markup

I wanted command references in the posts to have a link to some documentation of the command. there doesn't seem to be a systematic way to get the url to Matlab documentation, so I settled for a search on Matlab's site. See: fsolve command! Click on the link to search Matlab's website for it. All that from:


Download links

sometimes examples need a file to work. you can download test.m



. Here is the markup for a tooltip. At publish time I add a little javascript to the html to make this happen.

:tooltip:`<Surprise! you just found a tooltip!> Hover on me!`

Random plot

I have to upload the graphics to wordpress, then change the url in the img src attribute.



Sometimes warning text should be obvious!

WARNING: Something can fail badly if you do that.


I also like to separate out notes about some things.
Note: You can also try this variation!

where is the code?

You can see the code at https://github.com/johnkitchin/matlab-wordpress.

% categories: miscellaneous
% tags: blog, publish

% post_id = 1937; %delete this line to force new post;
% permaLink = http://matlab.cheme.cmu.edu/2012/05/08/enhancements-to-matlab-wordpress-2/;
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